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Tips for Cooking Healthy Foods With an Instant Pot

So, you bought an instant pot and read the manual as well as a beginners guide. Now, you are ready to start cooking. Before you get started there are a few things that you should know. These tips will help you create everything from simple dishes to gourmet style meals. The tips will also help you learn how to use your instant pot on a daily basis to make it one of the most vital and valuable pieces of appliance cookware in your kitchen. Here are those tips and what to consider about each one.

Start off Easy

The first tip of using your instant pot is to start off easy. Do not try long or heavy recipes. Start off with simple recipes that have a few ingredients. This will allow to make adjustments and learn how your instant pot works. You can see what and how your food cooks in the instant pot and see where you may be having issues. If you have larger recipes this may not be as easy. So, start off with things like rice to get used to the rice cooker setting or shredded meat to get used to the meats. It really is an easy process, but you need to start with baby steps.

Add Superfoods

When you do start your recipes, consider basing them with superfoods. This will allow you to get the most nutrients and give you a solid nutritious base for your meals. Also, look for superfoods that do not lose a lot of their nutritional value during the cooking process. This is fairly easy to do. If you do find superfoods that may break down too easily, like avocado, consider creating sauces with them are adding them last. The idea is to give yourself a solid amount of vitamins and nutrients with each meal and make the most out of your instant pot recipes.

Cook from Frozen

A misconception about instant pot cooking is that you have to cook the food thawed. You can actually cook food straight from frozen into the pot. This can cut down time and make freezer to instant pot cooking a lot easier. If you are freezing individually for more complex recipes then this will make the cook time easier as well.

By combining these tips you can make your instant pot become more vital for your meals. In fact, you may find yourself using your instant pot for every meal or at least your main family meal of the day. As you use your instant pot you will find that you learn even more tips and shortcuts that work for you and your specific recipes.



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